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"Jan Fisher's Wildlife Art Catalogue"



Price (unframed)

Soraya's Balance Leopard lying on a rock at sunset 440.00
Contemplation African lion and lioness 300.00
Cat-a-wall Tiger leaning on a wall 250.00
Sniffin' Daisies Wooden tree frog 250.00
Matriarch Elephant sculpture 250.00
Kookaburra on Wood Blue-winged kookaburra on rotted tree stump 170.00
Dawn Patrol Rhinoceros and tree on African plain at dawn 160.00
Splash Siberian Tiger splashing through a river 160.00
JoJo Butcher Bird 140.00
Princeling Young Stag 130.00
Tree Frogs Tree Frogs 90.00
Go Away Cross-eyed Tiger 90.00
Still Death Preying Mantis 80.00
Red Squirrel Red Squirrel 70.00
Foxy Lady Vixen head 70.00
Esther Barn Owl SOLD
Faust Eagle Owl SOLD
Finch Assorted finches SOLD
Virginia Timber Wolf head SOLD
Oscar Tawny Owl sculpture SOLD

All prices are for these original works of art and are in pounds sterling.
If you wish to have the artwork framed there will be additional costs for the framing, postage and packaging. Please email me so I can confirm the additional costs and method of payment.


All art is copyrighted by the artist and is protected under Copyright Law.
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